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Temperature of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose gel

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Many users rarely focus on hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose gel temperature for this problem, now generally according to distinguish the viscosity of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, but for some special environment and special industries only reflect the viscosity of the products is not enough, the following brief introduction of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose gel temperature.
The content of methoxy is directly related to the etherification degree of cellulose ether. The content of methoxy is regulated by controlling the formula, reaction temperature and reaction time. At the same time, the degree of etherification affects the degree of substitution of hydroxyethyl or hydroxypropyl. As a result, the water retention of cellulose ether at high gel temperature is a little worse. This production process is to explore, so it is not the methoxy content is low, the price of cellulose ether is low, on the contrary, the price will be a little higher.
The gel temperature is determined by methoxy, and the water retention is determined by hydroxypropyl group. There are only three groups that can be replaced on cellulose. Find your proper use of temperature, suitable water retention, and then determine the model of the cellulose.
The gel temperature is a critical point for the application of cellulose ether. When the ambient temperature exceeds the gel temperature, the cellulose ether will precipitate from the water and lose the water retention. On the market of cellulose ether gel temperature, can meet the basic needs of the use of the environment (special mortar, people think that environment except) mortar application does not need to pay particular attention to the performance index of the gel temperature, of course, engage in cellulose ether production manufacturers, must consider the.

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