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Suzhou jinshuiqiao building materials Co., Ltd. job description

Suzhou jinshuiqiao Building Material Co., Ltd is a fine chemical enterprise with refined cotton, methyl chloride, propylene oxide, caustic soda and other raw materials, specializing in the production of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), production process and product quality in the domestic leading level, widely used in thermal insulation mortar, putty powder, paint, ceramics and other building materials. Product demand,
As a result of the development needs, we need to recruit the following posts:
1, quality security department: quality safety administrator 1 people, male, college or above education, chemical industry related major is preferred.
2, the Ministry of production: 4 technicians and 2 mechanic workers. The age is 30-45 years old.
3, 6 workers in the production workshop, male, age: 30-55 years old, healthy, hard work, and relevant work experience is preferred.
4, e-commerce Department: planning staff (electronic commerce, marketing related major) 1 people.
The new factory staff, directly to the work, the probation period is 1-2 months, the positive wage paid by the piece, income of 3000-5000 yuan during the work, the company provided free accommodation.
We warmly welcome the ambitious young people to work in the company. The company has set up a development platform for you and is willing to create a brilliant tomorrow with you.
Contact: Manager Li
Phone: 0557-3822838, 0557-3822836, 13085576528
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Suzhou Jinshui Bridge Building Material Co., Ltd.
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