Our advantages
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    Strong enterprise strength

    The total area of the company is about 45 mu with a total area of 21.3 mu, the volume rate is 0.616 the building area is about 11 Mu and the building density is 31.33%.

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    Technological route first

    The domestic technology and technology route initially adopted the new technologyroute of alkalization and etherification with large horizontal whisk reactor and one-step process. At the same time, it realized one-time dewatering and washing, thereby reducing the cost and improving the product quality.

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    Top product HPMC

    The high-grade HPMC produced has high substitution degree, high purity,high transparency, arious viscosity, uniform reaction and good liquidity. Its application and extensive technologyquality indicators are consistent with the requirements of international standards.

Company introduction

Company introduction

Company introduction
Suzhou JinShuiQiao Building Material Co., Ltd.is a high-tech enterprise which produces 3000 tons of hydroxypropyl methyl...
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